A la carte

Cold dishes.

Served between 12.00 AM and 4.00 PM


Home-made seasoned pickled herring with onions, capers and rye bread

Kr. 82

Home- made carry herring served with egg on rye bread

Kr. 86

Fried herring served with an apple- compote on rye bread

Kr. 90


Extra sharp cheese with dripping, bouillon jelly and dark rum

Kr. 91

Deep-fried Brie with blackcurrant jam

Kr. 91

Saint Agûr – French blue cheese – served with pickled red onions and homemade crispbread

Kr. 91

Cold Dishes

Fried fillet of fish with remoulade and lemon

Kr. 97

Slices of hard-boiled egg and shrimps

Kr. 88

Fried fillet of fish with shrimps and mayonnaise served on rye bread

Kr. 121

Shrimps with a slice of lemon with mayonnaise served on white bread

Kr. 103

Roast beef with soft fried onions, fried egg on rye bread

Kr. 91

Homemade creamy chicken salad with toasted bread

Kr. 92

Fried calf liver garnished with mushrooms, onions, and bacon

Kr. 113

Roast beef with remoulade, horseradish, and onions on rye bread

Kr. 91

Beef patty with fried onions, fried egg, pickled cucumbers, and rye bread

Kr. 129

”Parisian steak” (steak of lean minced beef) garnished with trimmings

Kr. 135

Tatar (minced raw beef) garnished with egg yolk and trimmings

Kr. 142

Pork tenderloin with creamed mushrooms

Kr. 142

Salads and light meals

Shooting star

– Steamed and fried fillets of fish, prawns, asparagus, red dressing and bread caviar and slice of lemon

Kr. 159


– Open omelette served with tomatoes, chives, bacon and rye bread

Kr. 132

Lunch menu

Seasoned pickled herring with onions, egg and capers
Fried fillet of fish with remoulade and a slice of lemon
Pork tender loin served with fried onions
Saint Agûr (French blue cheese) served with garniture
Served with bread and butter

Kr. 219


Shrimps with mayonnaise

Kr. 57

Cold roasted beef served with garniture

Kr. 45

Homemade marzipan cake

Kr. 24

Traditional Danish cuisine

Served from 5.00 PM – 9.30 PM


Starter of the month

Kr. 92

Prawn cocktail with shrimps, crispy salad, asparagus and dressing

Kr. 97

Tatar of filet mignon served with egg yolk and chips of rye bread

Kr. 116

All starters are served with homemade bread

Main course

Flambéd pepper filet mignon (minimum 2 persons) served with seasonal vegetables and potatoes and pepper sauce

Kr. 350

The menu of the month

Kr. 324

Rib Eye – 300 gr. baked with herbs served with homemade French fries and sauce bearnaise

Kr. 324

Wieners schnitzel – fried tender fillet of veal served with sauté potatoes and gravy
– Wednesday kr. 193,00

Kr. 223

Fish of the day – kindly ask the waiter


Dessert of the month

Kr. 92

Homemade ice cream with marzipan, nuts and chocolate chips served with berry crème

Kr. 101

Homemade pancakes served with vanilla parfait and chocolate sauce

Kr. 101

2 pieces of homemade marzipan cakes

Kr. 48

Crepes Suzette (min. 2 persons)
served with vanilla ice cream

Kr. 138


Coffee or tea

Kr. 36

Irish coffee, Mandarins coffee or French coffee – 3 cl.

Kr. 65

Greenland coffee – whisky, Kahlua & Cointreau

Kr. 98

Children's menu

(Served the hole day)

Home-made burger with salad, cucumbers, tomatoes and French fries

Kr. 118

Fish and chips

Kr. 118

Children´s menu for adolts

Kr. 173

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