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Cold dishes.
Served between 12.00 AM and 4.30 PM

The Inn´s herring with onions and rye bread
Home-made seasoned pickled herring with onions, capers and rye bread kr. 66,00
Home-made curry marinated herring weith hard-boiled eggs and rye bread kr. 69,00
Fried marinated herring with pickled red onions, capers and dill kr. 72,00
3 kind of herrings served with hard boiled eggs, onions, capers and rye bread kr. 109,00

Extra sharp cheese with dripping, bouillon jelly and dark rum
kr. 75,00
Deep-fried Brie with blackcurrant jam kr. 69,00
Gorgonzola with onions, egge yolk and toasted rye bread kr. 75,00
Selection of 3 kind of cheese served with grapes kr. 114,00

Fried fillet of fish with remoulade and a slice of lemon
kr. 72,00
Slices of hard-boiled egg and shrimps with a slice of lemon kr. 67,00
Fried fillet of fish with shrimps, asparagus, mayonnaise and slice of lemon kr. 91,00
Ham served with toasted tomatoes, fried egg on rye bread kr. 61,00
Warm liver pâté with bacon and mushrooms kr. 58,00
Marinated salmon with special sauce served with white bread kr. 89,00
Homemade creamy chicken salad with toasted bread kr. 72,00
Fried calf liver garnished with mushrooms, onions and bacon kr. 85,00
Sausage made on rolled meat served with bouillon jelly and onions on rye bread kr. 52,00
Roast beef garnished with horse radish, remoulade and fried onions kr. 67,00
Beef patty garnished with fried onions, fried egg, pickled cucumbers kr. 95,00
"Parisian steak" (steak of lean minced beef) garnished
with trimmings
kr. 105,00
Tatar (minced raw beef) garnished with egg yolk and trimmings kr. 114,00
Pork tenderloin (125 gr.) served with fried onions and pickled cucumbers kr. 109,00

Salads and light meals
Vitello Tonnato
kr. 119,00
slice of veal served with tuna sauce and bread

Lunch steak
kr. 158,00
served with oven baked potatoes salad and aioli

Salad Nicoise
kr. 109,00
salad with tuna, potatoes, small herrings, eggs and olive served with bread

Shooting Star
kr. 119,00
Steamed and fried fillets of fish, prawns, asparagus, red dressing, caviar and slice of lemon

Chicken salad
kr. 99,00
Salad with chicken, tomatoes, crisp lettuce, grilled bacon and curry dressing and bread

kr. 89,00
With bacon, chives, tomatoes and rye bread
Lunch menu kr. 169,00

White hering with onions and capers
Fried fillet of fish with remoulade and a slice of lemon
Pork tenderloin served with fried onions
French Brie served with garniture
- Served with bread and butter

Business lunch (Min. 2 couv.) kr. 254,00

2 kinds of herring with onions and capers
Fried fillet of fish with remoulade and slice of lemon
Marinated salmon with salad
Pork tenderloin with fried onions
Warm lever paté with bacon and mushrooms
1 kind of cheese with grapes and radish
Today's cake with fruit
- Served with bread and butter

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